Tyler Farr Says He Refused a Prenup Because “If She Leaves Me, I Deserved It”

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Country singer Tyler Farr isn’t typically considered to be the picture of a touchy, feely guy — but when the 32-year-old singer said his “I do”s to now-wife Hannah Freeman, he couldn’t help but shed a few tears.

“I cried at pretty much every part of the wedding,” Tyler told People. “That was the first time probably 98 percent of people in that room have ever seen me cry. They probably had their doubts that I could form teardrops! But they were pretty visible.”

And, as it turns out, both the bride and groom were overcome by a wave of emotion.

“I couldn’t believe he put it together,” Hannah said. “It was beautiful.”

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10.10.16 (🎸: @bradpaisley / 📹: @notbychase)

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While Tyler admits he experienced a few pre-wedding jitters (quickly fixed with a “whisky toast”), he never once reconsidered marrying his bride. He was so confident in his choice, in fact, that he refused to get a prenup, despite a few friends’ advice.

“I had several friends suggest that. In the music business, that’s a standard,” he said. “But I said, if I need a prenup, I don’t need to be getting married. I’m getting married one time and that’s it. The only way this is going to end is if she leaves me — and if she leaves me, I deserved it.”

It looks like we have many happy years to look forward to with these two.

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When your wife out fishes you

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