Florida George Line’s Tyler Hubbard Buys His Wife The Most Thoughtful Gift

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With his wife Hayley moments away from giving birth to their first child, FGL’s Tyler Hubbard is pulling out all the stops. Perhaps he’s vying for the most romantic husband award or perhaps he just has a romantic side.

Hayley posted a photo of her and her husband seated in the front seat of a pickup truck, that Tyler surprised her with. Receiving a car as a gift is special enough, but to make it even more special, Tyler’s gift to his bride was the same car that they first drove as a newly married couple. How’s that for romantic?

“So flipping thoughtful he is… surprising me with the first car we drove away in as a married couple #WeddingGetawayCar #pushpresent #HubbardsGotHitched #datenighttruck,”Hayley captioned the photo.

In her post, Hayley mentioned that the car was a push present from her hubby. A push present is a gift that the mother is given by her partner to celebrate giving birth to their child. It can be given before, after or during the birth.

Looks like Tyler opted to do it before. Now that’s a sweet gift.

Tyler and Hayley were marrried July 1, 2015 and announced that they were expecting their first child in June 2017. The couple initially thought they were having a boy, but due to inaccurate blood tests, they later found out it was girl.

“God’s got jokes,” Tyler wrote on Instagram. “Turns out the blood test was wrong, and we’re actually having a little girl.”

Either way, that’s one lucky kid.