Tyler Hubbard’s Dog Greeting His Tour Bus Home is the Cutest Thing

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Harley Hubbard is really cute, really popular Golden Retriever with 39,000 Instagram followers. His popularity only grows with his dad, Tyler Hubbard, takes him on stage with Florida Georgia Line to make a cameo during the hit, “Sun Daze.” Harley is a road dog, but every now and then he stays at home with mom, Hayley.

Harley must really miss Tyler when he’s gone because as soon as he heard that tour bus roaring down the street he was ready.

Tyler shared the video to Instagram saying, his homecoming would only get sweeter once his daughter arrives, “My Sunday morning welcome home greeting. It’s crazy how much I miss my fam when they’re not on the road with me. Can’t even imagine what it’ll be like when that little girl gets here.”

Harley’s travels are featured on Instagram a lot.

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I got my windows down, and the radio up 🎶 | 📷:@hi_imtom

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