Tyler and Hayley Hubbard Put on Clothes for New Round of Maternity Clothes to Make Tyler’s Mom Happy

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Tyler and Hayley Hubbard are just days away from possibly meeting their baby girl, but in the meantime, they’re just going to take a few more maternity pics to pass the time. And this time, they put clothes on to make Tyler’s mom happy. (Ha!)

Tyler shared a photo saying, “Decided to throw some clothes on for this one …. You’re welcome Mom.”

And Hayley recently shared a shot taken in front of the couple’s home with a slightly different focus than those other maternity shots, too. This one is all about Harley Hubbard. Hayley said, “Still waiting on this little one to arrive, and Harley is SO excited to be a big brother👼🏼 can’t wait to see when she decides to join us!”

Harley got all decked out in a bowtie and perfectly smiled for the camera. Good big brother or not, he’s one photogenic dog.

Last week, the couple shared the final finishes on their baby girl’s nursery. Friend and interior designer April Tomlin decked the room out in soft whites, gray and pink. It looks like an oasis as much as a baby room.

But, Hayley also showed off baby girl’s closet and let’s just say– she’s ready to go. Baby Hubbard already has some styling kicks and several cool coats.