Chris ‘The Real Deal’ Janson And Keith ‘The Realer Deal’ Urban’s Duet At The Grand Ole Opry Was A Boot Stompin’ Good Time

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I’m not sure I would have ever teamed Keith Urban with Chris Janson for a duet. I don’t think I would ever have suggested they cover “Sold (The Grundy Country Auction Incident)”. But dadgum if their performance wasn’t one of the most fun and unexpectedly brilliant duets I’ve seen on the Opry stage.

Janson posted a preview of the duet n Instagram earlier this month with the hashtag “#opry”. But it only gave us a taste of the real performance to come.

This is why that’s why I love the Opry – it is full of surprises. Urban’s quick strumming, Janson’s harmonica runs, and their combined vocal range made “Sold (The Grundy Country Auction Incident)” one for the books.