90s Country Singer Wade Hayes Ties the Knot in Tennessee Ceremony

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Wade Hayes and Lea get married in private ceremony
Courtesy Campbell Entertainment

Congratulations go out to ’90s country artist Wade Hayes. The singer, songwriter, and guitar slinger has just announced that he married beautiful Lea Katherine Bayer in Lebanon, Tennessee on January 25.

The pair met through Lea’s cousin, John Rich back in 2008, but seven years passed before they reconnected and then it was two more years before sparks flew between the couple. They were engaged on September 25, 2018, then tied the knot four months later. They split for their honeymoon the day after their wedding, thanks to the Country Music Cruise where Wade was one of the many great performers for the week-long entertainment extravaganza.

Wade Hayes and Lea get married in intimate wedding
Courtesy Campbell Entertainment

While Lea is not a performer like her husband, she is heavily involved in the entertainment industry as the market manager for her cousin’s Redneck Riviera brand.

Wade found success in country music starting with his first single, “Old Enough to Know Better,” which topped the charts in 1994. Handily managing the balance of being both a dancehall rocker and a balladeer, Wade was a mainstay in country music, known as much for being a great guy as an exceptional artist.

In 2011, Wade was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He received surgery and treatment for the diagnosis, only to have cancer return two years later to his lymph nodes. Now cancer free, the lanky Oklahoman is an advocate for awareness and early detection. He’s also a proponent for animal rescue, and in his newest release, “Who Saved Who,” Wade honors Jack, the pup that was by his side as he showed incredible strength and hope in this courageous battle.

Congratulations to Lea and Wade!