Walker Hayes Took Time To Be Dad On The Red Carpet And It Was Super Sweet


Walker Hayes has a lot of kids, seven to be exact. So between a busy home life and a career as a rising country star, he has to multitask. When one of his kids had a problem with their braces, he had to take a time-out from the ACM red carpet to be Dad.

From the sounds of it, one of his daughters had a bracket pop off her tooth and was obviously distressed. After reassuring her that everything would be alright, Hayes gave some of the most sage parenting advice I know: “Have fun with it.”

Life doesn’t stop, even when you are on the red carpet at the ACMs, and problems will come. You might as well make the best of it and have some fun along the way.

When you gotta walk the carpet but also gotta be a dad… #BracesProblems

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