Willie Nelson Cancels His February Shows To Recover From “Bad Cold”


Willie Nelson has cancelled all of his February tour dates to recover from an illness that forced an abrupt cancellation in January. But fans should not fear that they have seen the last of Willie. This is not the end, just a break for Nelson to recover so that he can return to his busy tour schedule in March.

“He is up and about and looks as healthy as ever but his doctor has determined that his voice needs more time to recuperate to give the performances you all love seeing,” read the statement.

Nelson is 84 years young, which makes the prolonged recuperation not only understandable but, as a fan, encouraged. At his age that fact that he can tour a marvel in and of itself. The cancellation is sure to concern fans, but even Nelson was quoted in the release saying, “I will see you all down the road.”

Nelson has joked about rumors of his demise in past records, but don’t count him out yet.

His next show is scheduled for Greenville, SC on March 5 with shows following through April.

Dusty Sullivan
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