Dolly Parton Remembers When Willie Nelson “Looked Like a School Teacher”

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Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson go way back.

Back to bouffants and clean cuts.

“We go back all the way to 1964 when I moved to Nashville,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. “Willie and I got to town about the same time. We both wrote for Combine Music and Monument Records, we recorded with Fred Foster … He is such a wonderful writer and such a great guy.”

However, Willie wasn’t quite the same man.

“We used to sit in a room and write songs,” she said. “Willie had no beard, short hair. He looked like a school teacher.”

Of course, Jimmy had to ask if Parton had ever been on Willie’s bus — you know, code for what Willie does on that bus — and she told the story of trying to record a duet with the singer. He recorded his version first and sent it to Dolly, but she had a problem matching his phrasing.

“I called him up and said, ‘Willie send me a sack of that grass you’re smokin’. I gotta get where you are!'” she explained.