Willie Nelson Released The Uptempo Title Track Of His New Album Last Man Standing

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Willie Nelson has released the title track for his new album Last Man Standing. The album is due out almost a year to the day from the release of his previous work God’s Problem Child. It seems that, much to our joy, as long as Nelson is with us, he will continue making music.

Last Man Standing” is an upbeat look at the struggle of being the last living member of your peers. “I don’t want to be the last man standing, on second thought, maybe I do,” the octogenarian legend sings. The lyics bounce of the swinging music, belying the serious and dark nature of their content.

The album was written by Nelson and longtime producer Buddy Cannon. It is scheduled for release on April 27, two days before Nelson’s 85th birthday.

1. “Last Man Standing”
2. “Don’t Tell Noah”
3. “Bad Breath”
4. “Me And You”
5. “Something You Get Through”
6. “Ready To Roar”
7. “Heaven Is Closed”
8. “I Ain’t Got Nothin'”
9. “She Made My Day”
10. “I’ll Try To Do Better Next Time”
11. “Very Far To Crawl”