Zac Brown Remembers a Harrowing Experience as a Camp Counselor

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In addition to thrilling fans on the stage, it’s important to Zac Brown to give back. He does that through his Camp Southern Ground, which is dedicated to give children experiences that will assist them in making positive impacts on the world. He created the camp, in part, after his own experiences as a camper and camp counselor.

“I remember one time as a counselor, we were hiking and we were taking repelling ropes up this cliff to come down and the kids that were in my group were probably seven or eight years old,” he says. “I remember I had one little kid and his name was Mikey, and he was smaller than the other kids, but he was just real eager and he was carrying this huge climbing rope.”

Zac, knowing the dangers, kept an eye on Mikey.

“So, we’re walking on this trail and it’s kind of, you know, you step off the trail and you fall down forty, fifty feet, and I remember he was walking in front of me,” he continued. “I remember he lost his footing carrying this heavy rope and he started to fall and he was falling off the ledge and I reached down and the only thing I could grab a hold of was his hair. He had this real bushy, curly hair. I had to lift him by his hair and pull him back up on the trail, and I remember him grabbing a hold of my leg afterward and just sitting there, and we all realized what could have happened.”

Such a dramatic experience actually had a positive effect.

“I remember that bond that all of us together, always watching over each other and pushing each other beyond the things we would normally be able to go do,” he adds. “He didn’t leave that camp afraid, he left there empowered in knowing that he can do amazing things and to know what real relationships and real things are all about.”

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