Zac Brown Band Gave One Of The All-Time Great Performances Of The National Anthem Before College Football Playoff National Championship

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President Donald Trump entered the Mercede-Benz Arena to a chorus of loud cheers and deep booing. That entrance was as political as the CFP National Championship would get. Once the President took his place on the field, the Zac Brown Band sang the National Anthem in stunning four-part harmony. No one knelt during the song.

Many feared that the night would be a political mess, especially with the presence of the President whose approval ratings currently sit in the mid-30s and halftime performer Kendrick Lamar. But there were neither demonstrations nor rogue statements. Just the anthem, which all sides can rally around.

In my humble opinion, Zac Brown Band gave one of the all time great National Anthem performances, ranking right up there with Whitney Houston’s National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV. As ZBB sang, images of service men and women overseas flashed across the screen, reminding everyone of the world outside of football. And for one moment, the entire stadium was unified. It was pretty amazing.