[Listen] Zac Brown Starts New Trio, Sir Rosevelt, And Releases New Single, But Is Not Leaving Zac Brown Band

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Zac Brown has started a new band with pals Ben Simonetti and Niko Moon, called Sir Rosevelt. But fear not, the new band is not taking him from the Zac Brown Band, just giving him an outlet for a different kind of music.

“Sir Rosevelt can go to a lot of new places,” Zac told Rolling Stone about the new music. “It’s like painting with a whole bunch of new colors.”

The southern pop sounding trio will be releasing a self-titled album on Dec. 15, which will feature their new single “Something ‘Bout You,” co-produced by Timbaland. The album will contains 11 songs, two of which were co-written by Pharell Williams, and offer a mix of pop, dance and acoustics sounds.

“There’s something ’bout you, you / And all the little things that you do, do / Girl I can’t explain it / No matter how hard I try to put my finger on it / There’s just something ’bout you,” Zac sings in the chorus.

“Sir Rosevelt is a new chapter in addition to Zac Brown Band,” said Zac in a statement. “A new outlet for creativity, connection and art. Get ready.”

The new trio have been friends for years. Niko has written a few of the Zac Brown Bands songs including “Homegrown,” “Loving You Easy” and “Beautiful Drug” and Ben was the engineer on the band’s album, Jekyll + Hyde.

Zac has even posted the new single on ZBB’s Instagram account urging people to “Discover something brand new with Zac Brown’s @SirRosevelt (Zac Brown, Ben Simonetti and Niko Moon).”

It doesn’t hurt to try something new.