PSA: "This Is Us" Star Justin Hartley Isn't Ryan Reynolds But He Will Pretend To Make You Happy

Ugh, attractive people. They all look the same. You know what I mean? If you've seen one beautiful person, you've seen them all. If you gave me $100 dollars to tell two attractive people apart, I doubt I could do it. But they're people too, we shouldn't look down on them. So, please, if you can, don't confuse "This Is Us" star Justin Hartley for Ryan Reynolds. But if you do, don't feel bad, he'll just play along.

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Jimmy Fallon And Maroon 5 Surprised Fans With An Undercover Performance In NYC Subway

If you saw Jimmy Fallon or Adam Levine around New York City, you would recognize them. You have seen their faces so often on TV that it would be hard for them to hide. But when they donned beards and hats to perform a few songs in the New York City subway, they were completely unrecognizable. Well, that is until they took off their disguises and performed Maroon 5's hit "Sugar." Then the crowd went wild.

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"My Pleasure" Is The Chick-Fil-A Rap You Didn't Know You Needed

The world seems to be spinning out of control. So much of what we know is changing or in upheaval. But no matter what happens, we will always have Chick-Fil-A: their awkward but kind teenage staff, a Bible study in the back corner, and the best dad-gum fried chicken sandwich on earth. Now, there is a song to honor those whose pleasure it is to serve us.

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Ellen Reviews Real Thanksgiving Recipes That Should Never Be Made (Unless You Hate Your Family)

As part of her "12 Days of Giveaways," Ellen DeGeneres decided to do a quick review of actual Thanksgiving recipes from real cookbooks that no one should ever make, including Frozen Cheese Salad, The Shrimp Tree, White Mystery Fruit Cake, and a Candle Salad (i.e. the dirtiest looking dessert ever).

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Adam Levine Showed Off His Backside with Daughter Dusty Rose

You know the phrase, "she got it from her mama?" Well, Adam Levine's daughter, Dusty Rose, might get it from her dad.

Adam's wife Behati Prinsloo shared an adorable photo of the pair on Instagram with the hilarious caption, "same butt different."

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11 Tweets That Sum Up How We Felt About The Last Season Premiere of "Fixer Upper"

Well folks, the premiere episode of Season 5 (AKA, the final season) of "Fixer Upper," and it did not disappoint.

In the episode titled "Austin Couple Finds Waco Charm," we got to see Chip and Joanna in all their glory as they helped Matt and Samantha Hardy find their first house together. With a budget of $200,000, Chip and Joanna were able to create the house of their dreams.

During the episode, we got to see Chip and the two Gaines boys head out on a road trip to procure end tables from Pop Hardy's wood shop near Kansas City. In case you were wondering, "Are we there yet?" was asked a lot. But the tables were perfect (to say the least), and fit the home perfectly.

My personal favorite part of the home was the kitchen. I mean, it was seriously unreal. Joanna had a bar-top custom made out of raw pecan (I mean, seriously?) that complemented the hardwood floors. She then added black cabinetry, which sounds scary at first, but now I want to go buy a bucket of black paint and upgrade my kitchen, too. She added white granite countertops and backsplash to give it some brightness, along with cold shelving accents.

Fans were excited about the premiere, but it was all obviously a little bittersweet knowing that it was the LAST premiere of "Fixer Upper" ever. So, they took to Twitter to share their feelings, and I have to say, I agree with my fellow shiplap lovers.

11 Tweets That Sum Up How We Felt About The Last Season Premiere of "Fixer Upper":

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10 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 9 of "This Is Us"

Last week during "This Is Us," we learned, after an episode of watching Kevin dig himself into a deeper and darker hole with every scene, that Kate and Toby lost their baby, setting us up for some big-time emotions this week.

As last week followed Kevin around during "Number One," this episode, "Number Two," follows Kate around during the same weekend and the same week of their teenage years. While Kevin and Randall are making decisions on colleges, Kate is hiding her dreams from her parents and watching her brothers do what they do best. In real time, we learn of Kate's miscarriage early on, which allows us to go through every emotion that Kate and Toby experience.

The pain of a miscarriage is all too real in this episode, with the storyline even focusing in on Toby's grief. We even get a scene between Rebecca and Kate where she reminds Kate that she also lost a baby once and she never even got to hold him. That was a much needed scene for the pair, as most of their interactions are a little too mother-daughter dramatic. Also, sometimes, kids forget that their parents lived whole entire lives before they came along-- it's a nice callback to that.

And of course, the Internet had a lot to say about this episode.

10 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 9 of "This Is Us":

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Jordan Fisher Crowned Season 25 Champion of "Dancing With the Stars" in Dramatic Fashion

Season 25 of "Dancing With the Stars" has come to a close and the results were only somewhat surprising. The final three-- Jordan Fisher, Lindsey Stirling, and Frankie Muniz went to head-to-head in dramatic reality TV fashion complete with sequins, rhinestones and more sequins.

The finale consisted of each of the three finalists dancing a repeat routine from earlier in the season, which found Lindsay and Mark Ballas doing the jive (40/40); Frankie and Whitney Carson nailing the Argentine tango (30/30); and Jordan and Lindsay Arnold samba'ing (30/30).

Jordan's repeat routine was flawless, but the video leading up to the routine, was pretty intense. Jordan shared that as a child actor he seemed to always get second place on everything he did. So, at this point, most viewers were thinking-- please don't let this poor kid get second. After booking "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," he also got cast in the Broadway production of Hamilton. So, then, most viewers were like, he'll be fine.

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Matthew McConaughey Crashed A Wedding To Deliver A Turkey To The Bride

Wild Turkey Distillery went all-out this year when they decided to give back to their hometown of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. They gifted and hand-delivered 4,500 Butterball turkeys to the residents of Lawrenceburg and donated a combined 580 turkeys to the local food bank and nursing home. On top of that, they brought in their Chief Storyteller Matthew McConaughey to give away turkeys to a few key locals including one bride preparing for her wedding.

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