10 Facts Proving Colt Ford is the Most Interesting Man in Nashville

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Forget the most interesting man in the world and get to know the most interesting man in Nashville.

Upon hearing the name Colt Ford a person typically thinks: larger than life persona, Nashville’s best remix artist and out-of-the ordinary videos. While these are all indeed true of everyone’s favorite collaboration expert, there is a lot more to know about the man, the myth and the legend, Colt Ford.

1. His name isn’t really Colt. 

His real name is Jason Farris Brown. Colt Ford definitely has more star power behind it!

2. He’s the Jack Nicklaus of country music. 

He was a professional golfer and played in one nationwide tour. When he wasn’t actually golfing, he was teaching others how to golf.

3. He’s been to more Dolly Parton concerts than you. 

The first concert he attended was the double bill of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. He clearly had a great taste in role models at a young age.

4. He’s everywhere. 

He wrote the theme song “Buck ‘Em” for the Professional Bull Riders association.

5. He’s an innovator. 

He is considered the Godfather of “hick-hop” a relatively new fusion of genres that adds a little hip-hop to country music.

6. He is responsible for letting the dogs out. 

Colt Ford is from Athens, Georgia and was featured in the song, “Dawg Bite,” by David Richt, son of Georgia Bulldog head football coach, Mark Richt.

7. Like most of us, he’s a Swifty. 

He wants to write a song with Taylor Swift. If this happens, we’d be the first in line to buy it.

8. You are listening to him even when you’re not.

He wrote Jason Aldean‘s #1 hit song, “Dirt Road Anthem.”

9. He loves reality TV. 

He has collaborated with “Duck Dynasty’s” Willie Robertson.

10. He’s a dad. 

He wrote the song “She Likes to Ride in Trucks” for his daughter and “Sip it Slow” for his son. Even the Godfather of hick-hop has a softer side.

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