11 Little Things That Will Help You Actually Save Money This Year

11 Little Things That Will Help You Actually Save Money This Year

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Saving money is hard, there’s no way around it. With the world the way it is today, we are constantly being pushed, prodded and encouraged to spend money on things that we don’t actually need.

Did you know that you can actually make coffee at home? You don’t actually have to spend $6 on a fancy cup of coffee from Starbucks every morning. Mind blown.

Well, this year marks the end of frivolous spending. With a few simple life changes, you’ll be amazed with how much extra cash you end up with this year.

11 Little Things That Will Help You Actually Save Money This Year:

1. Plan your meals.

This will help you avoid impulse buying at the grocery store.

2. Buy a digital coin bank.

Clean out your pockets or purses at the end of the day and dispense the cash into a piggy bank. Digital coin banks are nice because you always know exactly how much money you’ve saved.

3. Turn out all the lights when you leave the house.

So easy and it will save you so much money.

4. Use your slow cooker.

At the end of a long day, you don’t want to cook and a lot of the time we turn to takeout for a quick meal. Instead, use your slow cooker to prepare meals ahead of time.



5. Know what’s in your closet.

If you know what articles of clothing you have and how to use them, you won’t be as tempted to spend money on new clothes.

6. Cancel any memberships you’re not using.

When was the last time you actually went to the gym?

7. Avoid places where you know you’ll over-spend.

If you know you’re going to be tempted drop $100 at Tj Maxx, don’t go to TJ Maxx.

8. Repair instead of replace.

If you have a rip in your pants, repair them instead of buying a new pair. It’s worth the few extra minutes.

9. Cut out cable.

With all of the internet media sources there are now, you really don’t need that expensive cable package. Don’t worry, you’ll still have the basic channels and you’ll be spending a lot less on sources like Netflix.

10. Try renting your house out/renting someone else’s house while on vacation.

Through companies like Airbnb and TravelMob, it’s super easy to rent people’s homes or apartments when you’re on vacation. And typically, you save a ton of money because having a home instead of a hotel room allows you to cook your own meals.

You can also rent out your own home on weekends, holidays, etc. Especially if you live in a popular sports town or near a concert venue, you can make a lot of extra cash.

11. Make coffee at home.

Starbucks is your worst enemy when it comes to saving money. Make your coffee at home and skip the foo-foo stuff.

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