15 Videos From Meghan Trainor's Instagram That Made Me LOL

15 Videos From Meghan Trainor’s Instagram That Made Me LOL

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My intrigue and, frankly, obsession with breakout pop sensation Meghan Trainor has been quickly and steadily growing over the past few months — and for good reason.

Although, the 21-year-old has gained a lot of fame and recognition over the course of the year, she doesn’t seem to have let that success go to her head and has stayed true to who she is — a goofy, family-oriented, insanely talented woman.

Not only is Meghan a super gifted musician, performer and songwriter, she’s also super funny and incredibly down-to-earth — at least that’s the vibe I’ve gotten from her Instagram and Snapchat.

Get ready to LOL.

15 Videos From Meghan Trainor’s Instagram That Made Me LOL:

1. Terrifying and Hilarious

2. That Tongue Though

3. Vicious Dog Attack

4. Meghan’s Adorable Dad

5. Meghan’s Adorable Dad Take Two

6. Cuddles

7. Staring Contest

8. Video With Brother No. 89

9. Bored

10. Multitalented

11. I Love Me

12. Stinky Streets

13. Dad

14. Heartbeat

15. Hello?

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