5 Country Music Meets EDM Collaborations We’d Love To See

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In 2015, country music is a hodge-podge playlist of pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop and rap. With the influx of digital downloads and streaming services, the format is seeing diversity unlike ever before. Sure, many critics find the entire movement an uneasy one, at best, but it says more about what consumers are, well, consuming and fits for the future of the format.

In light of this, Country Outfitter has crafted five dream collaborations, melting together the vibrant EDM (electronic dance music) trend beginning to permeate the format (including recent off-beat explosions with Zac Brown Band & Avicii and Lady Antebellum & Zedd) and current country trendsetters.

5 Country Music Meets EDM Collaborations We’d Love To See:

Carrie Underwood with Calvin Harris (Song suggestion: “Blown Away” meets “We Found Love”)

The 7-time Grammy winner Underwood is (by far) the biggest country ambassador right now, aside from Luke Bryan. So, it’d be rather cool to see the Oklahoma native jump well outside her comfort zone and try something fresh (maybe for her upcoming album?!). Harris, too, is one of the leading men in his genre, having worked with artists such as HAIM (“Pray to God”), Rihanna (“We Found Love”) and Rita Ora (“I Will Never Let You Down”). Can you just imagine the magic they could create?

Kip Moore with Skrillex (Song suggestion: “I’m to Blame” meets “Where Are U Now”)

Ever country’s soulful troubador, Moore hasn’t quite lit a fire under the mainstream as much as we’d like, but his talent is undeniable. His current single “I’m to Blame” is an especially powerful track, gritty in all the right places. Skrillex is one of EDM’s most renowned masterminds, and he could certainly take Moore’s presence to an entirely new level. He’s worked with everyone from Justin Bieber (“Where Are Ü Now”) to Ellie Goulding (“Summit”).

Little Big Town with Diplo (Song suggestion: “Stay All Night” meets “Push and Shove”)

Having notched a 10-year career and countless industry awards, the harmonious four-piece known as Little Big Town has talent that surpasses genre labels. For that reason, Diplo would be the rightful collaborator to accentuate their vocals in ways no one else could. He’s impressive work includes Britney Spears (“Circus”), Beyoncé, No Doubt (“Push and Shove”) and more.

Eric Church with Steve Aoki (Song suggestion: “The Outsiders” meets “Livin’ My Love”)

Church’s music is truly the outlier of the crowd. Borrowing significant southern rock and hair-metal sensibilities with The Outsiders, he set the bar high for the incorporation of eclectic influences. Aoki, whose work includes LMFAO (“Livin’ My Love”) and Iggy Azalea (“Beat Down”), could showcase Church’s husky vocal in an astounding frame.

The Band Perry with Avicii (Song suggestion: “Chainsaw” meets “Hey Brother”)

Leaning more folk and organic in roots, the sibling trio have also ventured into every corner of modern country; with 2013’s Pioneer, they dabbled in arena-sized rock and pop-polished hooks. But what they haven’t quite done is go full-blown dance-pop. Avicii is the industry’s tastemaker, having teamed up with Aloe Blacc (“Wake Me Up”), Dan Tyminski (“Hey Brother”) and Audra Mae (“Addicted to You”), among others, and could take TBP to the next stratosphere.

Image Source: BigStock