5 Reasons We’re Loving Rihanna’s New Country Song

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I know you all were thinking it. I think about it most days, too – when is Rihanna dropping a new album?

For the past few years it happened without fail. Every year a new album would come out. Some great, some not so great. Then, after 2013 – radio silence. She was trying to find herself – I knew it.

So it was to my surprise that late Saturday night I saw that Rihanna had posted a new song on her website, featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney. How can you possibly predict what that sounds like? I knew that Kanye and Paul’s song was great, but what were they doing with Rihanna?

When I listened for the first time I was kind of shocked because,

1. It sounded like Country music, and

2. There were no curse words?

Here are the five reasons we’re loving Rihanna’s new country song:

1. It’s really catchy.

When I listened to the song for the first time, I could not get it out of my head. It’s a really simple, short song, but the melody is great and you cannot beat the sound of an acoustic guitar.

2. It’s got PAUL MCCARTNEY on the track.

If you would have asked me to predict this collaboration, I couldn’t have. But I love when genres cross over (see Katy Perry and Kasey Musgraves) and I think they all sound perfect together. Obviously Paul is on guitar, and there’s just a certain level of street cred when one of the members of The Beatles wants to record with you.

3. Rihanna’s voice, though.

I feel like sometimes Rih’s voice is covered up on her tracks. There’s loud beats and music that overwhelms her talent – this is raw and stripped and great.

4. Kanye is a nice surprise.

I feel like ever since Kanye has had North, he’s softened up a little bit. His first line on the track is “I woke up an optimist.” There’s a lightness in his voice – no anger or curse words (which I feel like might have been forbidden by Sir Paul?).

5. The lyrics maybe aren’t very country – but the feel of the song is.

The song is just a typical acoustic jam – it takes you back to the heart of the music, which is where we all want to be, right?

So what do you think of the collaboration? Do you think Rihanna will be dressing in cowboy boots any time soon?

Image Source: PR Photos, YouTube