6 Big-Time Celebrities Covering Elvis Presley™


As the absolute King of Rock ‘N’ Roll™,Elvis Presley is the best-selling recording artist of all-time. Elvis’ music has had such a lasting impact on all genres of music, that even today, close to 38 years since his last new single was released to radio, artists are still performing and covering his legendary hits.

Elvis was widely influenced by various musical stylings, so it is no surprise to learn that artists from every genre of music today list him as a main musical influence– so much so, they even cover him during their shows.

Justin Timberlake // “Heartbreak Hotel”

Elvis and Justin are both Memphians and like The King’s™ music, Justin’s spans generations and genres.

Dolly Parton // “All Shook Up”

Dolly might be one of the only songwriters ever to decide to not let Elvis buy one of her songs, but that didn’t stop her from doing her best version of Elvis’ iconic moves during a show.

Luke Bryan // “Suspicious Minds”

Luke Bryan’s hips rival Elvis’, but his version of “Suspicious Minds” isn’t even close.

Blake Shelton // “Blue Suede Shoes”

Elvis Presley would probably pay to see Blake in a pair of blue suede shoes.

Kacey Musgraves // “Are You Lonesome Tonight”

The often outspoken Kacey opted to show her softer side during a Grand Ole Opry performance of Elvis’ classic, “Are You Lonesome Tonight.”

Johnny Cash // “Heartbreak Hotel”

Johnny Cash spent a lot of time around Elvis, so his impression was better than most. However, Johnny probably got more laughs out of it than Elvis did.

Of course, these covers are wonderful, but nothing beats hearing Elvis sing his biggest hits:

We’re celebrating Elvis Presley all year long. Elvis would have been 80 years old this year, and his legacy lives on making him just as relevant today as he ever was. Click here to celebrate Elvis with us.

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