8 Modern-Day Christmas Movies Better Than The Classics

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Your shopping is all finished,

The decorating complete,

The Christmas season is diminished,

Until you find yourself a snuggly seat.

Pour some eggnog in a glass,

Plate some cookies to eat,

Now you are ready for some dysfunctional holiday sass,

That you’ll be quoting year-round on repeat.


8 Modern-Day Christmas Movies That Rival the Classics:

1. “Scrooged”

Put a little love in your heart. It’s Christmas and Bill Murray wants you to know the truth is painful.

2. “Happy Christmas”

Ever felt stuck between youth and adulthood, and neither choice sounds awesome? Jenny identifies with that. She’s your friend who is tons of fun until she isn’t, because you have outgrown that whole immaturity game. You forgive her because it is Christmas, after all.

3. “A Christmas Story”

The most important thing to ever learn from a Christmas movie is to never, ever accept a triple-dog-dare. It won’t end well for you.

4. “Mean Girls”

Even horrible people can work together to make fetch, I mean Christmas, happen.

5. “Just Friends”

I mean, who doesn’t love acting like an awkward fool in front of the person you’ve been secretly in love with since high school? It’s a holiday tradition!

6. “Elf”

There’s only one thing to do when someone causes you to question your faith. Tell him he sits on a throne of lies.

7. “Beautiful Girls”

Homecoming heartbreak tinged with the habitual camaraderie of high school friends. Didn’t you move to get away from this life? The best way to celebrate your chains is in a bar singing songs that make everyone smile.

8. “Love Actually”

The best Christmas movie ever produced; it joins the overlapping web of relationships with the heartache and joy that the holidays elicit. Not all Christmas memories are pleasant, but the message here is: Christmas is all about love, actually.

Image Source: YouTube