8 Reasons Garth Brooks is the World’s Greatest (and Nicest) Living Country Music Artist

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When you’re 14 years old and your idea of entertainment is changing the odometer in your big brother’s car to read in kilometers instead of miles per hour, while blaring “That Summer,” by Garth Brooks, you have no idea what opportunities could lie ahead of you.

When you’re 14 years old and all your brother will play in the car is Garth Brooks, there’s really not much of an opportunity to listen to anything else. So, eventually you grow to love Garth Brooks and you have no idea that someday, you just might be able to place yourself into some sort of role, in which you find yourself in the same room as Garth Brooks.

I met Garth Brooks and was in the same room with him for close to two hours while he answered questions about his hiatus, his new tour, and his new Ghost Tunes platform that he hopes will change the digital music game forever. The experience was even better than a summer evening drive with the windows down listening to the Double Live album.

Over the course of two hours of media briefings and fan meet and greets, I tried to channel my inner Diane Sawyer, but being in the presence of this larger-than-life iconic figure, and realizing what a great and grounded guy he really is, made me feel like a 14-year-old fan again.

8 Reasons Garth Brooks is the World’s Greatest (and Nicest) Living Country Music Artist:

1. Garth is humble.

Two musical acts in the world have sold more albums than Garth: Elvis and the Beatles. At the peak of his fame, Garth “retired” to head home and raise his children. The first thing he said upon entering the room for his press conference was, “You’re looking at the luckiest, most blessed man on the planet.” And he meant it. He was able to walk away from his career and do exactly what he wanted to do. Then, he was able to walk right back into it with just as much adoration. It’s not something he’s taking for granted.

2. Garth tells dad jokes. Bad ones. 

You know the one about someone being a fun guy and they call him a mushroom or something? And the punch line is, “Because he’s a fungi,”? Yeah, Garth told that joke. To a room full of reporters and cameras. He got half a laugh, but he thought it killed.

3. He’s genuine.

Garth Brooks is a mega-celebrity. During his press conference he said the phrase, “wall of crap” at least a dozen times. Page me when Beyonce does that. He also was wearing a hoodie featuring the logo of a restaurant he worked at throughout his college career.

Let’s just say, he wasn’t trying to impress anybody. Though, the hoodie did look new-ish.

4. He asked questions. 

During the fan portion of the press conference, he took time to ask questions about every single fan in attendance. He even asked follow-up questions to a lot of his original questions. He genuinely wanted to know who he was talking to and why they were excited to be there. He was definitely on a schedule, but he made sure to take a picture with everyone who wanted one and signed everything that needed to be signed.

5. He picked up my purse for me.

After working up the courage to ask for a photo with him, I casually threw my stuff all over the floor. After the photo, he said, “Is this yours?” as he picked up my belongings for me. I have to believe Meryl Streep or Jay-Z would not have done that.

6. He’s a Lady Gaga fan.

If I made a list of all the music I thought inspired Garth, Lady Gaga wouldn’t be on it. Anywhere. But, he’s a fan of her and he wants the world to know it. (Gaga even showed up for his opening show.)

7. He only has eyes for Trisha.

He only refers to Trisha Yearwood as “Mrs. Yearwood” in public and he called her the “greatest singer” in the world at least 2,348 times in a short period of time. He also wanted her on tour with him, because he just can’t be away from her.

8. He meets expectations. 

Here’s the thing about concerts– they aren’t all good. Sometimes, the band just isn’t into that night. Sometimes, there’s no audience engagement. Every now and then it sounds like you’re listening to a studio album. Not Garth Brooks. He promised an experienced and he delivered. I don’t think a single person sat down for the entire 2-hour (plus) show.

Garth Brooks was so nice I honestly thought about inviting him to my family’s Christmas dinner– I think he was too nice to say no, which is why I ended up not asking him. Didn’t want to make him feel bad. There’s no doubt that meeting Garth Brooks will forever be one of the highlights of my life. And not because he’s the most famous person I’ve ever been in a room with and not because he has sold 140 million albums, but because he’s honestly the most genuine person I’ve ever come into contact with.

And he picked up my purse.