8 Times Ellen DeGeneres Scared Someone Famous

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If there’s something we love more than Ellen DeGeneres and her dances moves it’s when she pulls out (or puts up?) the hidden camera on her guests. The best-hidden camera prank from Ellen comes in the form of scaring guests when they enter into the dressing room bathroom. To get in the mood for Halloween in a funny way, let’s review our favorite scares from Ellen!

8 Times Ellen DeGeneres Scared Someone Famous:

1. Ellen Sends Taylor Swift Down a Haunted Hallway

The best part about this scare is that Taylor Swift knew she was going to get scared and Ellen still convinced her to do it. More than once Taylor says, “don’t do that.” Make sure you get to the 1:40 mark.

2. Taylor Swift Almost Breaks Her Neck

In 2010, Taylor Swift wasn’t even Taylor Swift yet, but Ellen still managed to get her. It’s actually a surprise that Taylor didn’t break a bone.

3. Ellen Scares Justin Bieber During an Interview

Justin’s reaction is pretty great here, but the guy running off after the scare just might be the funniest part. Also, Ellen starts to cry from laughing so hard.

4. J. Lo Is Only Scared of One Thing

J. Lo returns to “the block,” when she gets scared. And then, she makes fun of the one doing the scaring. Classic. (The :49 mark is the best.)

5. Ellen Scares Nicki Minaj While Asking for Her Butt Exercise Routine

Imaging Ellen trying to do “butt exercises” is funny enough itself, but scaring Nicki in the middle of the conversation is even better.

6. Julia Roberts and Ellen Scared Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Ellen couldn’t quite convince Julia Louis-Dreyfus to make a movie with her, but she definitely scared her.

7. Taylor Swift Again

Only Ellen would do this to Taylor Swift over and over and over again.

8. Richard Simmons Almost Died

This one went just as you would imagine and we’re still laughing.