9 Best Instagrams from the Golden Globes

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When the elite of Hollywood get together to celebrate their eliteness, they’re just like the rest of us and posting to Instagram.

Here are our favorite Instagrams from the Golden Globes:

1. It took Kevin Spacey eight nominations to grab a Golden Globe. When he did, he got weird with it.

2. Harrison Ford doing this. Sleeping? Who knows.

3. John Legend won a Golden Globe and this is the best smile we could get from him and his super model wife, Chrissy Tiegen.

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4. Reese Witherspoon revealed her dress for the event via Instagram. Sounds like a normal Sunday to me!

5. If Meryl Streep is participating in a North Korea joke– everything is going to be okay.

6. How in the world did Kate Hudson get down on the ground in that dress? More importantly, how did she get up?

7. Is Channing Tatum the arm candy in this photo or wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum? Undecided.

8. What if John Krasinski looked at you like this? Swoon.

9. Rumor has it that Seth Meyers is totally obsessed with Michael Keaton.


Image Source: Instagram, BigStock