Hospice Nurse Gives Tear-Jerking Performance of Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”

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The patients of the UK’s St. Helena Hospice were moved to tears recently when one of their nurses, Emma Young, decided to give an impromptu performance of British songstress Adele‘s 2008 cover of the classic song, “Make You Feel My Love.”

Though the performance was super simple and only featured Emma’s sweet vocals and a bit of piano, the emotion you feel when watching the talent perform is enough to make you both smile and cry. The lyrics of the song, mixed with Emma’s willingness to share her talent with the hospice patients, is incredibly moving.

St. Helena shared the special moment on Facebook saying, “One of our assistant nurses, Emma Young, revealed her hidden talent this afternoon and filled our Inpatient Unit in Highwoods with beautiful melodies. She really brought a smile to everyone’s faces on such a beautiful Friday.”