Adele Brought a Dog Wearing an “Adele” T-Shirt On Stage During Her Concert and It Was Adorable

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Adele, being the kind, sweet, endearing person she is, recently brought her biggest canine fan on stage during a show in L.A. — and it was the cutest.

After spotting the dog (who was wearing an Adele t-shirt, by the way) and his owner, Tommy O’Malley, in the crowd, the British songstress immediately beckoned for them to join her for a little stage time. While on stage, Casper the dog gave Adele a few kisses, to which she exclaimed, “I don’t even know where that dog’s tongue has been… I can’t believe I just kissed a stranger’s dog!”

I’m just trying to figure out how that guy got his dog into an Adele concert — #goals.

And here’s the same video from another angle because I could watch this interaction over and over again.