Alisan Porter Wins “The Voice”


It’s been nearly 25 years since Alisan Porter starred in the 1991 comedy “Curly Sue,” but now, with her victorious “Voice” win, she will finally be able to shake the title of “former child actor” and trade it in for “famous singing sensation.” In an interview with reporters after the big win, Alisan revealed that she’s been waiting some time to move on from her “Curly Sue” past

“I have retired Curly Sue, she is dead! I am now the girl who won ‘The Voice,'” Alisan told reporters. “I would like you all to know. I’ve waited 30 something years for that! She’s dead!”

And she sure is. I don’t think anyone will getting the stunningly talented Alisan Porter confused with quirky Curly Sue anymore.

After being declared “The Voice” winner, Alisan then gave a triumphant performance of her original song “Down That Road,” which featured an adorable cameo by her daughter Aria.

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