This Guy Ate a Pepper Every Time Ariana Grande Said “Um” During a 90-Second Video

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Everyone has to take a stand. Some people take political stands, and try improve the lives of large groups of people. Other people choose to take a stand against the amount of times a pop star says “um” in an acceptance speech. Why? Who knows. But for some mysterious reason, it’s this kid’s cross to bear.

I’m not sure how hot these peppers are. They look like Fresno chili peppers, so I don’t think they are on the upper limit of spiciness. Still, YouTuber “Mr. Grande” seems to be pretty uncomfortable by the end. Kudos to him, for believing in something, and having the conviction to follow through.

Easily the highlight of the video is this poor guy’s face when Ariana says “um” twice in a row.

Godspeed, Mr. Grande. We support you.