Ashton Kutcher Roasted This Magazine Over Infidelity Accusations

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Sometimes, when celebrities respond to tabloid accusations it’s because they are trying to hide something. Sometimes, the accusations are so outrageous they do it for a laugh. Sometimes, they do it because they have real answers to the questions.

Ashton Kutcher falls into the real answers category.

Star Magazine recently ran an inside story on Ashton showing him boarding a plane with an unnamed female. The magazine captioned the photo, “Hey, Ashton! Who’s the girl?”

Ashton, responded on Twitter with, “my cousin!”

Actually, he said even more than that, “You should have heard how upset Mila was that I spent the day with our cousin. Sorry aunt Jodie these magazines lack integrity.”

Ashton has been married to Mila Kunis since 2015, they have two daughters together. And a cousin that they take on private planes.