16 Funniest Quotes from "Bachelor in Paradise" Premiere

16 Funniest Quotes from “Bachelor in Paradise” Premiere

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After a production shutdown, a scandal and several broken hearts– “Bachelor in Paradise” is back and we started off with all the action before production shutdown. The cameras rolled for 2 days before the Corinne Olympios-DeMario Jackson scandal went down and some interesting things were said and done.

16 Funniest Quotes from “Bachelor in Paradise” Premiere:

1. “Yes, there was trouble in Paradise.”

Chris Harrison welcomed the world back to Paradise with this super weird monologue. The music was dramatic in the a way that a horror movie has creepy music. But, not just any horror movie, one that kills puppies and old people. That kind of creepy.

2. “I’m right now, doing me, which is what I do best.”

3. “I’ve been trying to learn Spanish… cheese pasta… pasta con queso.”

Corinne trying to show her evolution since her appearance on “The Bachelor” with Nick.

4. “I put a lot on hold for this…I got a dog at home.”

Ben coming on strong and fast. He’s serious.

5. “Oh, wait. He’s in love with Dean.”

Every girl was interested in Dean, until they saw that so was every guy.

6. “Guys are great. I’m not here for a bromance, I’m here for romance.” — Derek

Smart strategy.

7. “I’m not a serial killer.”

If you have to say you’re not a serial killer…

8. “With Josh and I, there were so many things that were great, there were just a few things that were off– he’s a sweaty person.”

I’d end an engagement for the same reason, girl.

9. “You have a weird family dynamic as well…you were an orphan.”

Dean is the only person that could make that pickup line work, right? Right.

10. “He talked about being an influencer.”

Initially, Raven was kind of into Robby, but it didn’t last long. Especially when he started talking social media.

11. “Robby has 12 abs, you should only have 6. What do you do for a living? Stop working out. I don’t trust you.”

12. “I’m going to take a shot every time he touches his hair.”

13. “You don’t want to be the first person to die in Paradise.”

Well, yeah?

14. “Bring on the shit show.”

Your wish is ABC’s command, Raven.

15. “There is this crazy about you that is very attractive…something about a little bit of crazy is exactly my type.”

Even on this show, you shouldn’t say that. To any girl.

16. “Paradise is in God’s hands now.”

That’s one way to describe production shutting down.