Yeah, You Definitely Live Up To These Summer Beach Stereotypes

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Summertime is beach time and while we may all travel to different oceans, islands, and resorts, there are certain things everyone does. There is always a white/khaki family picture, the guy who reads in the shade all day, the person who always gets sunburnt, and the person who would rather just stay in the pool. No matter who you are, there is beach stereotype you fill.

Some stereotypes balance each other out- like the sunburnt guy and Mr. Sunscreen. The person slathering on sunscreen may have been the person who got roasted to a lobster red last year while turning themselves like a rotisserie chicken in the Florida sun. Gotta watch that.

Others are just their own person, like the person who just came to read or the souvenir person. Sure, you already have 450 tumblers, but you don’t have one that says “30A” on it…so why not get that, a shark tooth, some puka shells and a keychain with your name on it? Every one of those shops is identical–where do all these shark teeth and alligator heads come from!?

The only stereotype they really missed is the Instagrammer. There is always that person in the group trying to get the perfect sunset picture or the selfie. Honestly, that’s more of a group stereotype-we all fall into that one.

Man, I need to get to the beach.