Brie Bella Dishes The Details On Her Sister’s Fairytale Wedding

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Nikki Bella has been so busy with “Dancing With The Stars” that she hasn’t had much time to plan her wedding. Most of the details have fallen to her twin and maid of honor, Brie, who is basically taking over every aspect of the day except for the dress. She sat down to give the inside scoop on her YouTube page and, honestly, it sounds amazing.

Brie talks about how she and her sister always dreamed of getting married. While Brie wanted a simple wedding, Nikki wanted something out of a Disney movie: fairies, a great ball, and a sweeping gown. Apparently, Nikki still wants an affair to remember including a high fashion wedding dress. And bridesmaids across the world groaned.

“Great,” Brie said, “Now I gotta get in shape for that.”