6 Best Fictional Presidents of the United States

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On screen and in the actual Oval Office, America has been under the supervision of some great leaders. Sometimes, the fictional President is so great people have tried to get them elected in real life. So, if the election has you down, just pretend like one of these fictional presidents is your actual POTUS.

6 Best Fictional Presidents of the United States:

1. Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas) // “The American President”
Gun control! Dating! Oh My! President Shepherd did it all with executive boldness and a good haircut.

2. Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen) // “The West Wing”
Since Bartlet left office in 1999, his name has probably appeared on more ballots than anyone could imagine. He was smart, witty, kind, caring and loved his staff as much as he loved his family.

3. Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman) // “Independence Day”
Aliens didn’t stand a chance against Whitmore’s windbreaker.

4. Acting President Glen Allen Walken (John Goodman) // “The West Wing”
Walken was only President for a brief amount of time, but he didn’t let himself get in the way of the job.

5/6. Russell Kramer (Jack Lemmon) and Matt Douglas (James Garner) // “My Fellow Americans”
At least they could agree on the words to “Hail To The Chief” being up to each POTUS.