The Reports Of Justin Bieber Running Over A Man Have Been Greatly Exaggeratted

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Everyone needs to take it easy with Justin Bieber. The musical mega-star recently cancelled a number of shows for health concerns and he is now embroiled in a litany of speculation and condemnation. Rumors have swirled that he is starting his own church and, of course, paparazzi have hounded him anytime he shows his face in public. Last night, a video went viral after Bieber apparently ran over a photographer with his truck as he left Hillsong Church. It is not half as bad as most people have made it out to be.

The video shows Beiber leaving church and apparently hitting a 57-year-old photographer. You cannot see the impact, but it sounds bad.

We have a live image of people jumping to conclusions:

As the video goes on, you quickly realize that the injury was not serious but blown out of proportion by the dozen cameras and yelling paparazzi that surround the event.

Police did not cite Bieber for any traffic violations and the photographer was treated for minor, non-threatening injuries.

All in all, it is good to hear that everyone is OK. Perhaps paparazzi shouldn’t run in front of moving cars. Just an idea.