14 Epic Tweets Answering One Simple Question About Taylor Swift

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On Sunday, May 17, 2015 Taylor Swift released the video for “Bad Blood.” After watching it several times, I tweeted, “Taylor is badder than Beyonce. And I mean that.” My friends told me I was an idiot, but I felt pretty strongly about it. Within 2 days, everyone forgot about it.

Twitter user Nutella/@xnulz has suffered a much different fate. Early last month, the simple statement/question was made, “name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift.” What has occurred since then is a trolling of epic proportions that’s also resulted in quite the women’s history lesson.

Yep. More bad.

Oh, no contest.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Taylor ends up in space at some point, but Sally still wins.

Friends, this is a mostly true story.

Okay, this one is close. But, the dog’s name is Becky. And we know Taylor’s history with Becky.

Fair, fair.

Way badder.

Sarah is fictional…so, who does win?

“Brought water to cool the cannons.” Seems legit.

This is truly a fascinating story. And these outfits are too good to be true. Would like them to meet Taylor 10/10.

If Taylor would just fight a Nazi…

The fact that this tweet led to this discussion is pretty badass.

Darlene? Yeah, she’s scary.

Big, if true. And definitely bad.