Brettmas Time Is Here And It’s Getting Weird


It’s Christmas time and Brett Eldredge is keeping it weird. In fact, he celebrates Brettmas, a special holiday with bucket-loads of egg nog and Brett Eldredge clones everywhere. It could be a dream or a nightmare; we can’t really tell.Let’s settle on a fever dream.

In the first thirty second we get the sounds of sleigh bells, the fake Polar Express, the smell of Christmas in the morning (not evening, obviously), dancing Santa and “getting our dangle on” with a fresh pine.

There’s also this image, which I really can’t stand.

And don’t forget Aunt Janice, the bearded lady and Brett watch Brett on TV while “crushing some cookies”

This is some “Being John Malkovich” level nonsense. Apparently there’s more to come. So strap in folks, Brettmas is here.

Dusty Sullivan
A southern fella whose roots are in The Natural State and heart is in the outdoors

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