Skydiving Easter Bunny at a Church Easter Egg Hunt, Goes as Well as You Expect

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A man in a bunny suit crash landed into Texas church’s Easter egg hunt scaring children and impressing no one. Look, no one needs to sky dive into a easter egg hunt. A football game on Memorial day? Sure, why not. But a egg hunt in a sad Texas field at a small church? Nah, man. I have been in church my whole life so, even without knowing the “real story,” I can tell you exactly what happened.

This church has always done an Easter egg hunt the same day as the White House Egg Roll. That’s how they connect with “the culture.” The Pastor had too much on his plate, so he handed off the planning to his part-time youth pastor, a college student with absolutely no experience.

So this kid, who has been talking to his friends about going skydiving for literally three days, decides to kick things up a notch and blows the whole event budget on a bunny suit and a grand entrance. But the dadgum Texas wind had other plans.

They all seemed to be ok, but I’m sure that dad who braced the bunny’s fall with his body has some regrets. After realizing that the bunny was ok and watching him adjust himself for three minutes, the kids were put into a fenced area to pick up a bunch of bright eggs in plain view. It wasn’t great, but that’s ok. That’s not what Easter is about anyway.