The Bush Twins Read Text Messages from Their Dad on Camera–They Were Truly Wonderful and Dad-ish

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Since Jenna Bush Hager became a regular on the “Today Show,” we have gotten to see a lot more of the personal side to the Bush family, especially JBH’s dad President George W. Bush.

And though we’ve seen a lot of W., we are just now getting a glimpse into Jenna’s twin Barbara’s personal life. While promoting their new book, “Sisters First,” Vanity Fair went through the twins texts and emails to read various pieces of communication from Bush family members.

First, we learned that the girls have different names for W. Barbara calls him Popsicle, while Jenna calls him Hefe.

It got hilariously intense from there:

  • Every morning Popsicle sends Barbara an illustrated meditation. He does not text Jenna every morning.
  • W. loves GIFs.
  • W. likes to use the Handwriter thing on the iPhone.
  • Laura Bush calls Barbara, “Barbarini,” but only if she’s had too many martinis.
  • Laura Bush likes to communicate through poetry.
  • Once, the Twins’ cousin was trying to email Barbara to ask about waxing, but she accidentally emailed their grandmother former First Lady Barbara Bush.
  • Laura Bush doesn’t know tons about Instagram.
This is America at its finest.