5 Hilarious YouTube Videos That are 10-Years-Old, But Still Bring the LOLZ

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Prepare to feel old because it’s been a decade since these hilarious videos first appeared on YouTube. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long because I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting around my dorm room laughing at these videos with my friends. Time has flown by, and lots of things have changed, but one thing has not-– these videos are still funny!

5 Hilarious YouTube Videos That are 10-Years-Old This Year:

1. The Landlord
This was 2007. Everything Will Ferrell touched was funny– even this short video he filmed with his comedy partner’s 20-month-old, cussing-mad, “landlord” daughter.

2. Leave Britney Alone
Britney Spears had a tough year in 2007. In case you forgot, that was the year she shaved her head. She had a lot of haters then, but one fan stood up for Britney in the most dramatic way possible.

3. Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina Answers a Question
I hope Miss South Carolina has moved on with her life because the poor girl got stumped on a question about Americans not being able to read maps, and 66 million people watched her fall apart on YouTube.

4. Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager – “Chad Fights Back”
In an effort to be the undisputed day shift manager, Chad Vader finally fights his arch nemesis, Clint. It’s Star Wars fan comedy done right, complete with dramatic one-liners, a light saber fight, and Chad Vader using the force to pelt Clint with lemons.

5. Charlie Bit My Finger
Cute kids + the little boy’s precious British accent + a funny moment caught on video = instant YouTube classic. This one just never gets old.