Chip and Joanna Gaines Are Committed to Staying Grounded and Want Fans to Hold Them Accountable

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These days, you can’t turn on a show about doing something cool and unique in your home without seeing Chip and Joanna Gaines. You can’t look at a magazine either. Or even a book case. The Gaineses are everywhere. But, they don’t want to let that fact steer them away from their roots and what got them to here in the first place.

Chip and Joanna recently shared with Country Living, “If we got into this thing and fell into a high-end niche, I think we would hate it. It just wouldn’t be who we are, not to say that we don’t aspire to have some piece that would be maybe considered as a higher-end piece, but we want our stuff to be attainable, we want it to be inspirational, we want it to be affordable. Those are passions of ours that will hopefully lead us through this entire journey.”

Chip also has a special message to fans, “If you feel we’re ever off course, you hold us accountable—remind us where we came from.”