Watch “The Voice” Champion Chloe Kohanski’s Music Video for Her Original Song “Wish I Didn’t Love You”

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#TeamBlake’s Chloe Kohanski was crowned champion of this season of “The Voice,” and we can’t wait to see what music she puts out moving forward.

As part of the finale on “The Voice,” each of the four finalists performed an original song and recorded a music video, and Chloe’s “Wish I Didn’t Love You” has been stuck in my head for days. The song, as the title suggests, is all about loving someone you wish you didn’t, and the way memories can overwhelm you:

Oh my love
Tell me is it wrong
Swaying to this song
Holding memories of you
Oh, I’ll be fine
If I could forget
Don’t you think I would
Wish to god I could
I wish I didn’t love you
I wish I didn’t love yo

While few things can beat her life performances, her music video was really good, too. It features her in a dreamy setting surrounded by sheer white drapes as she sings her heart struck ballad. She even channeled a bit of a 1940s look with her wavy hair and dark red lip.

Watch the full music video here and join us as we patiently wait for more music from Chloe!