Chloe Kohanski’s Original “Wish I Didn’t Love You” During “The Voice” Finale Was Probably the Best Ever

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Chloe Kohanski isn’t your normal super polished and buttoned-up #TeamBlake member that usually makes it to the finals of “The Voice.” Which is what makes her so dang good.

Kohanski’s original tune, “Wish I Didn’t Love You,” during one of her finale performances on “The Voice,” was so good, it already sounded like a song we’d heard more than once. She sounded like a seasoned performer. Yes, at times she struggled to hit a few high notes, but it still gave the audience as really solid impression of what an album from Kohanski would sound like.

Coach Blake Shelton and the rest of the judges gave her a standing ovation with Blake telling her, “America, I want you to think of every superstar that you can remember in music…and remember that those people are never like anybody else. They don’t look like anybody else. They don’t sound like anybody else. And then I want you to think about that performance – how your (Chloe’s) voice cracks and pops and falls apart as you’re singing, so perfectly. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a superstar right here.”