3 Most Important Looks Any Actor Needs According to Chris Pratt (As Told to Kimmel’s Guillermo)

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If you don’t follow “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” you might not be familiar with the brilliance of Guillermo– Kimmel’s security guard.

Guillermo is an aspiring actor and finally got his big break with a part in “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2.” Guillermo is a pretty humble guy, so he knows he needed a little advice before taking on the big role. Fortunately for him, Chris Pratt was willing to help.

Guillermo met up with Pratt and promptly asked, “how do you act?” And he didn’t mean “how should one behave on a movie set,” he meant, “how does one act, period.”

Pratt responded brilliantly, “how do you act? There arethree looks– first one, happy. Next one, sad. And then the third one, scary. That’s all you need.”

Guillermo wondered about a fourth look– sexy, but Pratt just told him to use the same look as scary.