Chris Pratt is Looking Super Hunky For ‘Vanity Fair’ Photo Shoot But His Captions to the Photos Will Make Your Day

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I’ll admit it. Chris Pratt is my celebrity crush. I think he’s the total package: handsome and funny.

When I saw that he was posting pictures from his Vanity Fair shoot, I was immediately drawn to the pictures. After a few minutes of drooling, I realized the captions were also beautiful.

Leave it to Chris to take a moment when I can easily objectify him for his looks and make it all about his mind. It begins with the cover:

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This is a picture of me on the cover [email protected] that water was cold AF. The magazine is on newsstands now. Is news stands one word? Is it newsstands or news stands? Siri didn't correct me and put a line underneath it so. That settles that. Anyways. You can go get it at the place where they sell magazines. Rite Aid or whatever. There is also an online version floating around somewhere. The article is very nice. Please read it. It talks about my upbringing and my faith. I remember seeing Heath Ledger on the cover of Vanity Fair when I was a kid. I read the article. Then one day I saw him driving through Hollywood. He had an awesome Ford Mustang. I drove a Suzuki Samurai at the time and was dead broke. Quick question… If a train of thought left my phone going 80 miles an hour due east- would it still be douchey to post more pics from my @vanityfair shoot?

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Followed by this juxtaposition:

And poking fun at his modeling pose:

Then while we’re focusing on his eyes, he’s focusing on the beer:

Or knuckle sniffing:

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And here I am casually sniffing my knuckles.

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