Connie Britton Handles Question About Underwear on Red Carpet Like Only Connie Britton Could

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Over the last few Awards seasons, red carpet reporters and interviewers have made moves towards asking questions about anything other than fashion. This is especially true for women on the red carpet. Overall, the transition has been a slow one and at times, very, very awkward. Interviewers don’t know what to ask, interviewees look uncomfortable and usually, it ends with the question, “who are you wearing?”

Connie Britton was on the unfortunate end of one of these interviews while walking the red carpet for the 68th Annual EMMY Awards. Britton was in attendance for her role in “The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story,” which was up for 22 awards. Ultimately, the series walked away with nine awards including Outstanding Limited Series.

Britton was stopped on the red carpet by “Entertainment Tonight” and well, things got weird.

After being told she had on an amazing dress, the following happened:

ET: You got a secret going on with this dress?
CB: What do you mean a secret going on?
ET: Anything secrets underneath?
CB: Any secrets underneath? My underwear?


Somehow, Britton reigned it in and eventually, she got to talk about season five of “Nashville.”