“World Of Dad Dance” Highlights The Majesty Of Dads Dancing (And WOW)


There are a couple of universally accepted Dad truths: they snore, they have a designated chair in the living room, and they love embarrassing their kids. The unspoken Dad-law is that fathers of teenagers cannot dance. Well, to be fair, they can “dance” but it’s like a penguin trying to fly –lots of fast walking and flapping with no real results. Even so, there is nothing like a good Dad move to liven up the dance floor.

Enter “World of Dad Dance”, a show that has random Dads embarrass their kids while showing off their moves. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Every good Dad move is just a stylish walk with some arm spice. It’s literally that easy.

Dad’s: dance more.

Jordan Keller
Pop culture junkie and half-hearted foodie.

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