Danger Zone: The Country Version

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I know absolutely nothing about Archer, a show beginning its fifth season on FX. I’ve gathered a few facts, but none of them mean anything to me because there’s a just-released country version of Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” to pay attention to.

Loggins was in on the country-fying of his hit song from the movie, “Top Gun,” but had doubts about it working. And I know why! For those of you who aren’t familiar with “Top Gun”, let me fill you in. There isn’t anything country about it. It was set at the Naval Training Center in beautiful San Diego, CA. (nope, nothing country about that) It’s a story of testosterone-fueled battles between Naval fighter pilots to determine who is indeed, the “Top Gun”. (slight hint of country, maybe?) Starring Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Melanie Griffith, (still not an ounce of country) “Top Gun” was a huge hit in the late 80′s. Loggins’ song, ‘Danger Zone’ was one of the most popular songs from the soundtrack. So, no country, but it certainly makes for an interesting musical twist.

“I didn’t believe that they could turn ‘Danger Zone’ into a country song, which makes it even funnier,” he says. “That’s the last song of my repertoire that you’d expect to be turned into a country song.”

Mr. Loggins, we agree. I’ll be the first in line for the “I’m Alright” country version. The song is available for purchase on iTunes.

Image source: Tina Lau/ PR Photos


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