10 Of The Weirdest Dating Sites On The Internet

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Not too long ago, we had to rely on finding people in a bar, or on friends to set us up with ‘that one coworker’. Neither of these things was particularly a good way to meet people, but are we any better off now?

With the advent of the internet, it’s now easier than ever to meet weirdos, right from the comfort of your own computer chair. You could use a ‘normal’ dating site, but why not spice it up as the specter of menopause looms before you?

These 10 dating sites are strange places to meet ‘the one‘. Check them out and realize that being single might not be that bad after all.

1. Tall Friends

This site advertises tall dates for tall people. Not bad if you’re vertically gifted. I would whine about there not being an equivalent for short people, but apparently there’s a site for Little People out there as well. If you’re not a Little Person and you’re not gargantuan, luck be with you, friend. Time to stay single forever.

2. Vampire Passions

Unfortunate proof that Twilight hasn’t been stamped out yet. Are you into pasty men with no heart, no soul, and a Sephora loyalty card (they might as well get something for all of that makeup they buy)? Check out Vampire Passions, the number one way to meet likeminded individuals who also love fangs, blood, and nighttime (we guess).

3. Sea Captain Date

To be fair, it’s probably hard to find love on the high seas. Once you’ve exhausted your supply of women on board your ship and realize that none of them suit your fancy, it might be time to look for greener pastures on the internet. If you’re into the high seas, adventures, and never seeing home again, check out Sea Captain Date. Yes, it’s legit.

4. Glutenfreesingles

Just when you thought these people couldn’t be more in your face, they make their own dating site. Well, at least they can date each other and leave the rest of us alone. Also, every ‘delicious’ gluten free food I’ve ever tasted was a lie. Get out of my health food store.

5. Wealthy Men

At least you can be assured that you’re dating someone for their personality and not their money!

6. Ugly Schmucks

This site is designed for people who consider themselves a bit lacking in the looks department. Their tagline is “When you prefer genuine personality over outer appearance”. The idea behind it is kind of sweet, but we can’t help but wonder what kind of confidence issues probably run rampant on the site. Please, if you really aren’t attractive, at least don’t advertise yourself as such.

7. DiaperMates

Have we not been weird enough for you? This site is for adults who dress up as babies. Like, with diapers and everything. Yes, it’s a real thing (unfortunately). We can’t help but wish this site didn’t exist. After all, if you’re still wearing diapers for style, you probably shouldn’t reproduce. Just saying.

8. Mullet Passions

Ah, finally! A site for likeminded individuals with a love for mullets! Honestly, if you have that much passion for a mullet, you should share your poor taste with a normal partner, watch as they laugh you out of the room, and go binge watch a few Netflix series to sulk. Really, that haircut never looked good.

9. Naturist Passion

A site for nudist couples to meet. Really, being naked sounds awesome until you realize that it’s kind of hard to go about the logistics of your day to day life while disrobed. So, stick to running around your apartment watching “Naked and Afraid”. Just remember, those people definitely wish they were wearing pants.

10. Singles With Food Allergies

Welcome to the most obnoxious community on the internet. We’d love to see a study showing how many people on the site have legitimate, life-threatening food allergies, and how many suffer from an inability to eat like a normal human being. If you don’t think your significant other has the mental wherewithal to remember that you have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts, you should probably find someone else anyway.