Davison Ignites a Fun Fight Between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on “The Voice”

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To Love Somebody” is easily one of the greatest songs written by Barry and Robin Gibb, Barry even said it was his favorite song he’s ever written. Many artists including the Bee Gees have recorded and released the song over the years, but Davison still managed to capture the essence of the hit during his blind audition on “The Voice.

Davison hails from Little Rock, Arkansas and as soon as he finished delivering the jazzy, emotional tune, Adam Levine looked at Blake Shelton and said, “I’m going to kill you.” Alicia Keys didn’t turn around but she did say, “I’m out of my mind right now.”

The Adam and Blake fight really got going when Blake knew that the Bee Gees wrote and recorded “To Love Somebody” and Adam didn’t. Blake also tried to sway Davison to his team by telling him he had eaten at several Taco Bell establishments in Little Rock.

Davison went with Adam in the end.