Ellen’s Interview With Diane Keaton Went Off The Rails After She Started Talking About Her Celebrity Crush

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Diane Keaton has always been an interesting woman, to say the least. So it was no surprise when her interview with Ellen Degeneres went into unexpected territory. Unlike some of her former interviews, there was no wine involved.

Keaton, who is normally very stylish looked like she just stepped out of an SNL spoof of a Beyonce video.


She began to talk about the sexist man she ever dated, Al Pacino, and found her way to talking about her celebrity crush, Chris Martin, the frontman for Coldplay. She then answered a series of random questions and, well, there was a theme.

Who is your celebrity crush? Chris Martin

Name one thing you won’t find in your house. Chris MArtin

One word to describe your sex life? Non-existent, but if Chris Martin…